Towngate show 5th September

Rhythm of the Night

Dear Parents & Pupils

Please take time to read this letter carefully as it contains important information about show day.

Firstly for health and safety can we please ask that you advise us in writing of any allergies or medical conditions that could occur at the show
as this information needs to be passed on to chaperones. If your child requires any prescription medicines on the day of the show we need written instructions of dosage needed, any medicines should be clearly labelled and handed to Tara( registered first-aider ) at the stage door she will then administer any medication needed. If you have recently changed your contact details and have not advised us please do so before the show.


ARRIVAL AT THE THEATRE on 5TH September 2021

Please bring your children to the stage door ( at the rear of the building ) where they will be checked in and escorted to their dressing rooms. All children must be in full stage make up ( except Lipstick) and hair dressed for the first routine.

Please remove all jewellery, nail varnish, tattoos and hair braids before arriving at the theatre.

ARRIVAL TIMES ARE AS FOLLOWS 12.30pm Show All teachers and chaperones. 9.30-10am

Seniors grade 5/ 4. 10.30am
Pre- Primary & Preliminary. 11.00am
123 Saturday Starz – Street Funk – Gym Dance – 11.30am All Pre School Classes. 11.45am

ARRIVAL TIMES ARE AS FOLLOWS 5.00pm Show All teachers and chaperones. 3.15pm

Grade 1 & 2 3.30pm
456 Saturday Starz – Street Funk – Gym Dance – Contemporary 3.45pm

Emeralds – Pearl – Junior Companies who are in both shows will be advised on arrival time via Company chat.


Every pupil needs to bring their costumes in suit bags, their make- up Brush, comb, hairspray etc… Black Shorts for the finale, NAME EVERYTHING !!!!! They will need plenty of water and if performing in both shows on Sunday they will need food.

No chocolate, sticky sweets, chewing gum, fizzy drinks or blackcurrant please. Glitter spray may not be used in the changing rooms so if you are asked to bring this it must be handed to your chaperones. Children who are doing both shows need to leave the theatre for a short time in-between performances to abide by “theatre time” regulations. the chaperones will arrange this in small groups.

Make up required. Dark foundation( approx. 1-2 shades darker than skin tone) blusher, blue eye shadow, bright red lipstick, black mascara. (We normally find the cheaper make up stays on the longest). Seniors will be informed on colours by your teacher.

We recommend that jewellery, mobile phones/ devices are not brought backstage as we cannot be held responsible for any lost or broken items.

COLLECTING YOUR CHILD AT THE END OF THE SHOW Please queue outside the stage door where your children will be checked out. As we have over 150 pupils taking part in the shows this process does take a long while so please be patient. YOUR CHILDRENS SAFETY AND WELL BEING AS ALWAYS IS OUR TOP PRIORITY.

Checking out order 12.30 show

Pre-School children. Pre- Primary – Preliminary – All year 123 Classes

Finishes approx. 3pm.

Checking out order 12.30 show

Grade 1 & 2 – year 456 classes – Grade 4 – Seniors Show will finish approx. 7.15pm

A little word from your principles & teachers

We know the last 18months has been a very tough time for everyone, we are so happy to be able to do our show at last ! Obviously it has been very difficult to rehearse properly with children on holidays and isolating so this show isn’t going to be our normal calibre of performance, but all the children, teachers and staff have worked extremely hard to put this Show together and we hope you will be able to sit back and enjoy the experience of seeing your children back on stage doing what they love xxx

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us. !!!!!!!!!!! WE HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY THE SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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