Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Talents Theatre School / TTS Promotions  & Just Dance collectively referred to as TTS or JD

Please find below our full terms and conditions. By completing and signing the registration form to enrol your child with TTS/JD you are hereby agreeing to the terms and conditions detailed below.

Any child currently enrolled with the school who has not signed our new registration form is also bound to these terms and conditions by their continuing to attend classes.

1. Fees

a) All classes will be charged whether or not your child attends. Payment for weekly classes should be made monthly by bank transfer on 1st of each month you will be given a payment plan when you join with the amount to pay after this it is up to you to make your regular payments as you will not be sent a invoice. Classes & payment are worked on a 48 week year running from January-December so will always be the same amount unless you change classes, if your child wishes to change or add classes please inform the office and they will advise you of your new monthly payment. Just dance runs only during term times so payment is paid on the 1st of each month amount depending on dance days in that month.

b) Modern & Tap Exam classes are paid termly  you will receive a reminder for this which will have bank payment details.  Our terms run March – June – September – December

c) Discounts will be applied for multiple classes these will only apply if all payments are up to date and not in conjunction with any offers.

d) Please note that even when children are taking part in outside events such as festivals,competitions etc monthly/termly fees must still be paid, whenever possible we will run a pre-comp class. In the case of a lesson being cancelled we will rearrange the class at another time, if for any reason we are unable to do this you will be informed and reduction will be made on your next monthly payment.

2. Health and Safety

a) Students are to strictly follow teachers’ instructions when it comes to any health and safety rules or observations. Students are encouraged to tell the teacher should they see anything they think maybe unsafe or are concerned about their own or others wellbeing.

b) TTS has a formal safeguarding policy and follows the N.A.T.D code of good conduct these are on display in the office. Please read carefully to ensure you understand it in relation to TTS.  Acceptance of TTS Terms and Conditions will indicate an agreement to comply with the Safeguarding Policy and Procedures.

c) Parents/guardians are asked to refrain from standing at the viewing windows for long periods of time, this is very distracting to the students and teachers.

Students should wear shoes at all times when walking around the building and make sure that ribbons/laces are tied properly. Students’ parents & siblings should take extra care on the stairs.

d) If students hurt themselves in class or feel unwell at any point, they should tell their teacher or member of staff immediately who will act accordingly.

f) No smoking is permitted anywhere on the premises.

g) Fire regulation:  Please read the Fire plan notices.

h) Parents/guardians are asked to drive and park with due care and consideration for others when dropping off and collecting their children from classes. The grass area around the studio may be used at your own risk, please be advised that during the winter months this area can become very muddy and slippery TTS will not be lible for any injurys.

3) Data Protection Policy

Our data protection policy is on display in our office please ask if you wish to see this.

4. Responsibilities of Parents or Guardian

a) These terms and conditions, and any enrolment forms you have signed, constitute an agreement between you and us in connection to classes or any services superseding any prior agreement. Attendance at class is deemed to be acceptance of the current Terms and Conditions.

b) It is the responsibility of the Parent or Guardian to notify TTS of any illness or injury that may affect the child’s participation at class.

c) It is the responsibility of the Parent or Guardian to ensure that we have the correct details for you and your child and keep us updated of any changes.

d) It is the responsibility of the Parent or Guardian to regularly read the Talents or just dance information WhatsApp, website/Facebook information in order to be fully aware of all upcoming events.

e) In the event that we consider you to be in breach of these terms & conditions or that your child is disruptive to other pupils or staff, teachers or venue staff, we reserve the right to exclude your child from any activity within the school.

f) Please retain all payment receipts  Where there is a dispute, if the Parent or Guardian cannot provide proof of payment, they must accept TTS/JD records.

g) Photographs and video footage of pupils taken by TTS/JD may be used on our website/social media pages and for publicity purposes. If you do not wish your child’s image to be used for these purposes you must inform us in writing.

5. Liabilities

a) TTS/JD does not accept liability for personal injury to any child attending class. Parents/guardians should understand there are certain inherent risks that come along with dancing  or Gym Dance and that TTS or their teachers will not accept liability for any injuries that come from the studio’s activities.(Please speak to a member of staff if you do not understand this part of the T&C)

b) TTS/JD do not accept responsibility for loss, damage or injury arising from errors or omissions on the registration form whether completed by you or the person in charge of your child at the time of enrolment.

c) TTS/JD do not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to personal property.

 d) TTS/JD do not accept responsibility for any loss or expense due to circumstances beyond our control.

f) TTS/JD holds Public Liability Insurance. 

6. Termination of classes

a) If a pupil wishes to give up a class TTS must receive written notice 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the term for which notice is being given.

b) Absence of notice or late notice for exceptional circumstances will be addressed on an individual basis.

c) In the event of a pupil leaving TTS /JDwith fees still outstanding, TTS/JD reserve the right to pursue recovery of the debt by all legal means including court action.

7. Housekeeping

We want to keep our studios looking as clean and professional as possible! Students and parents should show respect and care for the studio equipment and facilities and ensure they put rubbish in the bins provided and clean up after themselves.

Our Kitchen is for Staff and students that are at the studio for long periods, it is expected that the kitchen is kept clean and tidy at all times.

8. Parent (including carers or legal guardians) etiquette

a) To ensure the safety, enjoyment and efficiency of Talents Theatre School & JDwe ask parents to follow the below etiquette:

b) Demonstrate respect for teachers, students, staff and other parents at all times. 

c) Take responsibility to read updates and keep up to date with current activities and important information.

d) Ensure siblings are supervised at all times, equipment is treated with care and the waiting areas are left tidy.

e) Refrain from entering dance studio’s unless invited by a teacher. This includes studios not in use and extends to siblings.

f) Understand and support the TTS approach by encouraging children to show commitment and positivity while working to the best of their own ability.

You may raise any concerns by email info@talentstheatreschool.co.uk or by making an appointment  with your teacher through the office.

9. Miscellaneous

a) All teachers are fully trained, DBS checked and insured. However, due to the nature of teaching performing arts, sometimes it is necessary to correct positions physically. This is always conducted with care and professionalism.

b) The safeguarding of children is of paramount importance. On school trips and at school events, if parents are not present, then TTS staff will be the responsible adults. All members of staff are Essex licenced chaperones. At school shows professional external licenced chaperones may be used and, jointly with TTS/JD staff, will take responsibility for the welfare of the children. No child will be allowed to leave any premises unless a parent is there to collect them UNLESS the principal has been informed that alternative arrangements are in place. If any parent has a concern regarding safeguarding then please inform the principal immediately so that it can be rectified.

c) Any changes to these Terms and Conditions will be announced on the Facebook page, website and notice board at TTS Studios.

The aim of Talents Theatre School is to ensure that all students experience dance in a fun, friendly, positive and safe environment. In order to achieve this, please take note of the following guidelines. We would like to stress that these points are of great importance in assuring the wellbeing of all students and visitors to our Studio. If at any time you have a problem with any aspect of TTS /JD please bring this to our attention, it cannot be dealt with unless we are aware.

10. Rules and Regulations


Students should arrive at least five minutes prior to their classes. If students are late for class they may miss registration impede the learning of others and may also place themselves at risk of injury should they miss the warmup section of the class.


Regular attendance is extremely important. If students do not attend on a regular basis then the development of the class and the individual student will be affected.


Students are expected to behave in an orderly, civilised and well-mannered way and to show respect to their teachers when attending classes. Students should show respect to other students in their class and serve as a role model to younger dancers at all times, including appropriate language and behaviour.


It is extremely important that students come to classes dressed in correct uniform for each class in order to be able to work correctly and safely in class and present a neat appearance. All uniform requirements can be purchased for our Dancewear shop “The Dance Box”

Drop Off/Collection

Parents/guardians are asked to drop off students directly before the start of their class. Students must be supervised by their parent/guardian on the premises until the class time. Parents should come back five minutes before class end time to collect their children

Personal Property

Students are requested to take care of all personal items. Please make sure all dancewear items are named. Mobile phones should be switched off or on silent mode and are not to be used during class. The school regrets that we cannot be held responsible if items go missing.

Lost Property 

All lost property will be disposed of after a 3 Month period.  

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