Talents Theatre School Winter New Letter

Hi Parents & Guardians, We hope you all had a great Christmas and New year and are looking forward to 2024 !

We had an exciting and eventful 2023 and here we go again the years fly by so quickly !

Happy to report that the seniors who have now gone onto full time Dance training are all doing amazingly well, and really enjoying their courses. we miss them all but so happy they are all doing so well.


Can we please ask that you make sure all children are nicely groomed and in uniform for all classes
Girls: hair neatly dressed, bun for Ballet/Tap/Modern high pony or plates for other classes.

We have just introduced a uniform for our mixed dance class on Saturday morning and a new 7+
leotard for all non -exam classes. These can be ordered from Becky (Dance Box) please text 07852


Very Well done to our graded students

100% passes in all Examinations only tap left to go now. These will be held in March it will be a small Saturday afternoon session again as these seem to have worked well. If anyone who has solos /duet/trio would like to take the 2024 NATD Annual Award please email carlyn.talentstheatreschool@gmail.com (This will be on a first come basis as we won’t have many slots)


Congratulations to all our Company students, Groups/Trio’s/Duets & Soloists Great results in 2023
long may it continue. NATD Scholarships: well done to all the children who took part and
congratulations to those of you who gained a place in the finals. NEA performers you was a real credit
to Talents, and to our students who auditioned and gained places in Pantos & Musicals this year
hope you all had a wonderful time performing. We are very proud of you all.

London Show

WOW you was amazing on that Stage ! From those of you who only come once a week to our
performing arts students you all worked so hard, it was a pleasure teaching you every week and your
chaperones & teachers couldn’t praise you enough for being so well behaved helping each other and
being so respectful on the day. What a Fun and exciting experience!

Great big Thank you to your teachers and our senior girls for looking after everyone in difficult circumstances. Let’s just say we won’t be using this company to perform with in the future.

Bi-Annual Show

We are having great difficulty getting a Theatre booked for our Bi-annual show, which would
normally be October/November we are therefore looking at the early part of 2025 . Still waiting on
dates but will let you know as soon as possible.

We will be doing a Revue in July obviously this is not like a Theatre Show, we use uniforms or
costumes from the cupboard, but it gives the children a chance to perform in front of an audience
which they love doing and gives you a chance to see their progress. This is for all non-exam classes but
will include all Pre-school classes. If you do not wish your child to take part please email Carlyn as
soon as possible so we can inform your class teacher.

We will be auditioning for Disney later in the year with the prospect of performing there in October
2025 I know that seems a long way off but it will soon fly by and will give everyone extra time to save if
they wish to take part.

Private Lessons

Please remember Private lessons should be an extra for your child it is more important to come along
to classes, we offer lots of technique development classes now to help them improve in all different
areas, if you are unsure which would be more helpful to your child please ask your class teacher.

There is still some confusion over private lesson’s so just to make it clearer.

We now offer 4 types of private lessons

Regular weekly PL: These PLs are tailored to the child so teachers will work on any technical faults
or weaknesses to help improve their performance & quality of dance. They may also learn a solo in
these classes.

Competition PLs : These are for children who wish to learn a solo-duet or trio for the purpose of
competing in a competition these classes are normally for a period of weeks (minimum 8) depending
on the child’s age and ability, they do not need to continue with these privates once the competition is
over and can just have a few refresher privates for the next comp if they wish to enter again.

Regular Exam coaching: For children wishing to take exams in Acrobatics-Musical theatre or
Contemporary dance.

Examination coaching: These are for children who need extra coaching for any exam this can be a
one 0ff lesson or a few lessons to help the child gain more confidence with their exam work.

If you are interested in private lessons or have any questions, Please contact
carlyn.talentstheatreschool@gmail.com Please do not contact teachers directly.


Can you please make sure Fees are correctly referenced with child’s full name and check which
account it needs to go into TTS Promotions or Talents Theatre School.


We have now been sent new safeguarding guidelines from our teaching association. We are working
to put everything in place and would appreciate your help with a few things.

Please get out of your cars when collecting children from the studio especially during the winter when
it is dark and hard to see.

If your child has a private lesson, you are welcome to come in and watch from the viewing area or sit in
on the lesson.

Please note that although children are welcome to wait upstairs during breaks or for classes to start,
these areas are not fully monitored by staff so as T&C we cannot be held responsible for children
during this time.

We strongly advice that mobile phones & devices are not brought into the studio. Under no
circumstances should students be making video calls whilst at the studio, swearing or bad language
will not be tolerated by students or callers, please make your child aware that we will confiscate any
phones that are used in this manner until the end of class and speak to parents about this behaviour.
This is a problem that we have just been made aware of, so we ask for your support with this issue.

We have updated our T&C’s and added our safeguarding policy to our website please read this
carefully and contact us with any concerns.

A few dates for your diary

NATD Examinations
Saturday 9th March 3.00-6.00pm

Rising Stars Competition
Sunday 17th March Saturday 23rd March Sunday 24th March

Talents Summer Revue
Sunday 7th July rehearsal from 12.00 noon Revue from 2.30pm

To be held at the Nevendon Centre.

We will inform you of any more dates as they become available.
Thank you for our lovely Christmas presses & cards

Wishing you all the best for 2024 Your TTS Family xxxx

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