January 2017

Jan 17, 2017

Talents Theatre School Thameside Theatre Show 26th March 2017

Dear Parents and pupils

We are now starting rehearsals for our 2017 Show, we hope you will be able to take part but if not you will still be able to attend classes as normal, please let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to perform. Show time is a great opportunity for parents and relative to see the progress of their child and is also great fun for them. We will now be starting to order or have costumes made and will need a deposit from you to show your commitment to the show and enable us to start purchasing goods. We do try to keep the prices down but some show costumes can be expensive. Normally costumes will cost between £30 - £45.00 but if pupils are in more than one routine we will keep the cost down as much as possible. Details of Costume deposits are as followed. ( please note deposits are non-returnable )

Once a week pupils £30.00 Due by 12th November

2 – 3 Classes per week 1st payment £45.00 due by 11th November 2nd payment £30.00 Due by 11th December 4 or more classes and performing arts pupils 1st payment £65.00 due by 11th November 2nd payment £40.00 Due by 11th December

Cheques payable to Miss H.A. Ellesse please

Once costumes have been costed any over payment of deposits will be refunded.

We work really hard to put on a professional show, so we need commitment from our pupils and parents, we understand that some pupils will have illness or holidays booked but please let us know if your child cannot make a class, and please attend as regularly as possible.

Extra Rehearsals

We will be holding a show rehearsal and photo shoot on Sunday 26th February at Talents Studio ( Full costume, hair and make up is required ) Show rehearsal ( No Costumes)Sunday 12th March. We will let you know a venue in the next letter. These rehearsals are very important as this is where we space the routines and also work out the wings and entrance sides for all pupils, this is impossible to do if pupils are missing. All rehearsal fee’s will be added to your finale costume bill and need to be paid even if you can’t attend for any reason.

Technical rehearsal at the Thameside Theatre will be held on Sunday 19th March

This rehearsal is the only time the pupils will be able to practice on the actual stage, also the lighting crew will set all routine lights. All pupils must attend you will be informed of your time slots nearer the date.

Please make a note in your diary of all rehearsals as it is really important for all pupils to attend

There will be two shows on Sunday 26th March and possibly one on evening of 19th March.We will keep you informed, but if you have any questions in the meantime please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you for your continuing support

Miss Hazel & Miss Sharna