EEA Awards

Jan 15, 2022


It is your responsibility to read and understand this information in full. Please note that the following information is about the event in general and what is expected of you and from the spectators. Everything you need to know is listed here. The judges will make their decisions and score each act based on the information our research team gathers and submits to them.

Venue Covid Policy for SEEA 2022

Thank you for purchasing a ticket for the SEEA 2022.Your safety is of high importance to us and we want you to feel assured that you can enjoy this spectacular event without the worry of catching Covid during your time within the venue. Therefore, the venue has issued some guidance and protocols that need to be addressed during your time with us. All persons over the age of 11 must provide proof of a negative lateral flow within the last 48 hours or proof of 'double vaccination' upon entering the venue. Masks are advised to be worn upon entering the venue and walking around the Foyer area, however you are welcome to remove them once you have taken your seat to watch the performance. (Please note that this is not enforced and we fully understand that this makes absolutely no logistical sense whatsoever, but we need to inform you of the Government Guidelines!) You are of course welcome to keep your mask on at all times, should you wish to do so.                                  Hand sanitiser will be available in the appropriate areas.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the show and please remember that audience seating is unreserved. Therefore, if you wish to sit next to other ticket buyers then you must enter the auditorium together. Our staff will seat you in an area that we have allocated for you.

Main Venue Doors open at 3pm (Do not arrive before this time unless you hold a performer ticket)                                                                                                                                  Auditiorium doors open at  3.20pm            Show starts at 4pm.

1. Your tickets would have been sent to you via Ticket Tailor by email upon order. Please ensure you print them or alternatively bring the email on your phone. Just like a festival or an external concert etc, these tickets all have a unique QR scanning code that will be scanned when you arrive and swapped for a wristband if you are a performer. With this in mind, we have one very important rule - NO TICKET NO ENTRY. Please ensure your performance group arrive together to avoid time wasting and confusion and you have your tickets at the ready.

2. Please ensure that if you are an artist/nominee, you put on your wristband the moment it is issued to you and must continue to wear it at all times throughout the event. You will be allocated seats by our team upon entry and it is important that you occupy the same seat throughout the evening.

Please ensure your performance group arrive together to avoid time wasting and confusion and you have your tickets at the ready.

3. ALL ARTISTS/NOMINEES must arrive NO LATER than 12 noon

4. We advise that you come dressed ready for your performance. There is minimal time to sort hair and make up, so arrive as ready for your performance as you can possibly be. Because of the nature of the venue, we strongly suggest that you stay in your performance outfit throughout the night.

5. We strongly advise that you eat before you arrive, and bring something simple with you. Whilst food is allowed into the auditorium, we ask that you keep mess to a minimum. Crisps, nuts and small snacks are generally served at the bar throughout the show, and we believe the cafe will be open so burgers/chips/some hot food will also be available. Under no circumstances can any drinks not purchased from the bar be bought in by the audience. Artists are advised that even with bottles of water, they bring them upon arrival at soundcheck as the door staff will confiscate any drinks upon entry from spectators.

PLEASE DO NOT BRING HUGE BAGS WITH PERSONAL BELONGINGS. You should bring a bag small enough to fit under your chair and not block the aisles, and any additional costumes should be placed over the back of your chair.

6. Doors to the foyer/bar will open to the general public at 3pm. Doors to the main auditorium will open at 3.15pm. The show will begin at 4pm. Please advise your supporters of this as it may not be clear on their ticket.

7. Please remember that unless you are wearing a costume/outfit for your performance, everyone, including the audience is expected to arrive in smart attire. It is an awards ceremony and we want you to look your very best! Dancers are advised to stay in their performance outfits where possible, to save on the amount of space for additional costumes. All acts/nominees will be seated to watch the show throughout the evening, and will only ever need to be backstage for their performance. All performers will be seated separately from spectators.

8. Stay till the end! Support all performances and presentations! It's disheartening for others if you leave early.

9. Cameras will be filming each artists every move on stage and our team of photographers will be snapping away all of the action. We do this through our own expense and it is not obligatory. By taking part, you agree as an individual or on behalf of the individuals taking part to be filmed or photographed and give us express permission to use these photos and footage without limitation. ON THIS OCCASION, all of your filmed performances and photographs will be issued to you free of charge once they are ready. There will be a photographer in the foyer that takes photos of nominees and their family/friends in front of our pressboard should you wish to have them taken. They will be priced by the independent company that are taking them. Official show programmes will also be available for a small donation!

10. We do not reveal the running order until the day of the show and you will be told when you arrive.

11. Please advise your guests/ticket holders that they cannot under any circumstances reserve seating when they enter the auditorium. Our new seating system will ensure that small groups enter together and will be sat by our staff and security team. If your friends and families want to be seated together then they MUST queue and enter the auditorium together. There is enough seating for everyone who has purchased a ticket and viewing is great from anywhere inside the auditorium. There is disabled and wheelchair access into the venue. Wheelchair users must email us in advance to advise us they need wheelchair access and they will receive a code. Only one person will be allowed to sit with a wheelchair user in the disabled section and not entire groups.

12. Finish time is estimated at around 8/8.30pm. All winners will be required to stay for a few extra minutes after the show for our winners photo and video celebrations.

There is plenty of free parking at the venue for cars and coaches.