Covid 19 /Safe/Good Practice

Jul 25, 2020

Talents theatre School/TTS PROMO

Safe Practice during Covid 19

Children will be advised to arrive at least 20mins before the start of their workshop to allow for get in time. I would advice all teachers/assistants to arrive in plenty of time to familiarise themselves with the studio, open windows, Check off, date and sign the  risk assessment forms. 

Children are to wait outside with their parents until called in by teacher  1 they should enter one at a time go to Studio 3 where teacher 2  will be, they will change into their dance shoes and leave their  water and outdoor shoes in a shoe bag or box, Sanitise their hands and go to their allocated studio. (Me or Miss Sharna will be there as well) so there is a teacher/assistant at each point.

Teaching: Wherever possible teach facing the mirrors to prevent air droplets. If you wish to wear a mask please do so, but I was advised by the Government Education helpline, that dance teachers do not need to.

Ventilation : Please make sure that as many windows and doors as possible are kept open during workshop/classes.

The studio floor will be marked out with coloured shapes where children can                                                           stand or sit.

While teaching the class keep the children as socially distanced as possible, you can still do work from corners etc but get the children to stand spaced out  around the edges of the studio and come across one at a time.

Air Mats can be used for tricks but must be wiped down with Anti Bac spray after use. Bear in mind that you are unable to assist the children so encourage them to do tricks they can already perform.

If you do Drama sketches or games please make sure there is no shouting or screaming, remember the kids can get very excitable so you really need to think about what you are going to do with them.

There should be no singing so if you are doing Musical Theatre it will have to  be  just dance and or acting.

When the children need a drink break, send them into studio 3 no more than three at a time.

Years 456 

As there are two bubbles in this age group year 4 will be using front door and year 5&6 will use the back door. Year 4 Bubble will use the Ladies toilet year 5&6 the Gents.

When the Class/workshop is over  the children should go a few at a time to get their shoe bag, sanitise hands and leave the building one at a time. A teacher or assistant will need to be at the door to make sure the children go straight to their parent. 

Any Barres, surfaces matt and all door handles need to be wiped down with Anit Bac wipes before you leave the studio.