Autumn & Winter Newsletter

Oct 19, 2017

Autumn- Winter Newsletter 2017

Hi Everyone, Hope you all had a good summer, and are ready for Exam term. Well done to all pupils who have entered competitions this year, so many Trophies plus lots of placements in the Over All’s and runner up BEST SCHOOL in competition which is fantastic.  There are a few dates for your diary below, as always please let us know if there are any dates you cannot attend. Examination times are normally between 10.30-5.00pm if you are not available all day we will try to accommodate you with a morning or afternoon slot, please let the office know ASAP.

Examination Dates 2017

Sunday 12 November     Sunday 19 November      Sunday 10 December

We will also have some dates early 2018 to finish the sessions.

Winter Revue CLC Wickford

We had originally book Friday 29 December for our Winter revue, but as so many of you couldn’t make this date we have changed it to Saturday 13 January, I hope this is a better date for you all. Times will be between 4-8pm. This Revue is mainly for Non-exam classes, to be able to showcase the work they have been doing throughout the year. You will not be required to buy costumes for this, but we would ask everyone to order a monogramed T/Shirt if you do not already have one.

Our Bi-Annual Show, which involves the whole school and is a much larger production, will be held at the Towngate Theatre Basildon on Sunday 28 October 2018 the Stage rehearsal will be on Sunday 7 October.

Changes to Festival Entries

From 2018 there will be an Op-Out System for Competitions. It will be presumed that all Company and regular private lesson students will be entering any Festivals and Competitions that we are attending, unless you let us know otherwise. We will let you know the dates and cost if for any reason you cannot enter, you must let us know before the stated date, otherwise you will be expected to still pay the entry fee. As there is so much paper work involved in festival entries, and lots of people do not get entry forms in on time, which causes much more work, we are hoping that this system will work better.

Disneyland Paris

We are  filming our Audition for Disneyland Paris this Saturday , so all keep your fingers & Toes crosses that we get a place and will be dancing there in July 18.

As always if you have any questions please ask Tara or your class teacher.

Best Wishes Miss Hazel & Miss Sharna xx